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The baby girl and I went into the city today specifically to visit the Museum of Natural History. When I proposed the trip to New York City initially, I wasn’t thinking of the Museum, this was the baby girl’s idea, she was excited to revisit the Museum to refresh her memory from previous visits when she was a little girl.














The Museum is really amazing; one of the biggest reasons why the baby girl wanted to go back to visit was for the blue whale, the same blue whale that amazed me when I was a little girl. After we went to see the whale and took our pictures, I turned to the baby girl and said “the whale never gets old”. Before the blue whale, we did go to see the Tyrannosaurus Rex because he’s another old friend that needed to be seen once more. As we were going from exhibit to exhibit,we got to the Native American River plains Indians section and while we were walking through the dimly lit corridor, my baby girl jumped, spooked by something, a very nice security guard came up to us apologizing for scaring us. My baby girl told her that she hadn’t scared her, that she thought that she had seen one of the Native Indians move. That launched our security guards into regaling us with ghost stories that happened at night at the Museum. My baby girl reminded me that there was a very funny movie starring Ben Stiller called the Night at the Museum based loosely on the Museum of Natural History and when we passed by a few of the Native American Indian mock ups of their various huts, the baby girl said “remember in the movie when at night all these little figurines came to life” I could see how anyone with an active imagination could scare oneself into a tizzy between the movie Night at the Museum and the normal creaks and noises that get amplified during the quiet night-time hours.

I noticed that when I went through my pictures on my cell phone, I had neglected to show an evening shot of the Triboro Bridge or as they now call it, the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. It is one of my favorite bridges crossing the East River and the bridge that was right outside my bedroom window when I was little growing up in Astoria, Queens.