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The baby girl and I are on a train heading south to New York to spend a couple of days with Mamie, my mother, and my sister, Tatie. Since the baby girl has her spring break this week, I figured why not take a few days to head into the city, albeit the city is 3 hours away. One of the years perhaps we will see Amtrak putting in a high speed rail line between Springfield Massachusetts and New York City but for now it takes a solid 3 hours to get from Springfield to New York City. It is a comfortable ride with a dining car available for hot or cold beverages and a limited selection of sandwiches and salads. So we can’t complain, it is infinitely better than the bus in my estimation, Amtrak offers free Wi-Fi which I am not sure that the bus offers and the restrooms are much cleaner on the train.

By way of scenery there isn’t much to see because we are still in the throes of winter so the trees are naked and whatever greenery there might have been, has all turned brown or is still covered with some snow. I still took a picture or two to give you the general idea of our adventure down to the big city.