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The following is the latest update on my technodifficulties with my Plinky.com account. I wrote my tale of woe to the service people and I received a very prompt response. Krista from the tech department at WordPress, Plinky is an offshoot of WordPress, wrote back and said that they tried but they couldn’t find my account anywhere. I wrote back and reconfirmed all of my log in information and Krista replied that she was not giving up but it might take several days to clear this up. I appreciate their prompt response especially given the fact that this is a free service provided by our good friends at the wonderful world of WordPress.

I am curious to see how this will resolve itself; if they will find me in their archives or if I will have to establish a new account. It is curious that they can’t find my information but we shall see.

Plinky’s latest prompt is to write about the latest nightmare that you remember, I can’t recall having a nightmare recently. The dreams that I remember these past few weeks have all been either good ones where I am in France or puzzling dreams that really don’t make any sense. I haven’t had a nightmare in years. I suppose that is a very good thing, my subconscious is at peace or that is how I choose to see it.