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This afternoon my friend Mary and I met the rest of the ladies at the Blandford Porter Memorial Library for our first ever French club meeting at 4 pm. I had a lovely time with the ladies. We each had different experiences with regards to the French language and yet we all were able to speak together without any awkwardness.

We each had tales to tell about either trips, memories of learning French at home or at school or planned trips. Each story was interesting and led to other topics; the conversation, I felt, flowed quite nicely even though I was the only one who was in her comfort zone.

The hour that was picked, 4 pm, was perfect in my opinion because it was early enough in the day where my grey cells are still functioning and firing on all cylinders, any later and the fog sets in and that wouldn’t be any fun. I posed the question and the rest of the ladies agreed. The setting was a good location as well; in Blandford we are blessed with an adorable small town library and it provides its residents with a perfect locale for these types of meetings.

What will make this club so much fun is that we can talk about anything under the sun, it doesn’t have to be all about France, we can talk about the latest news in our town or whatever as long as we speak of it in French. French is fun you know.