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The question here is, if you can have any author, living or dead, write your biography who would it be? One of my favorite writers is Emile Zola, granted he is not one of the most uplifting writers that you will ever encounter, but I feel that he brings a passion and a heart to whatever he chooses his subject matter to be and he never shied away from the down and dirty aspects of his subjects’s lives. His works include Germinal, about the mines around Sainte-Etienne, France or The Earth, La Terre, essentially documenting the plight of the peasants and farmers. Most would agree that both of these works are downright depressing so why would I want Emile to write my biography? Well since my life hasn’t been anything as difficult as mineworkers or farmers, then perhaps my biography would be one of the most uplifting works that Emile Zola would ever have the joy of writing. Could that be possible? Well not in reality, but in my rich fantastical imagination, it could.

It would be so interesting to see how an artist would interpret my little life that is all my own. What broad strokes would he paint and what fine lines would be drawn, I wonder? How would he explain motherhood and tending the home in the grand scheme of the rest of my universe? Even if no one else was interested, I sure would be intrigued.