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One of my first friends on the blogosphere gave me a lovely prompt since I have been experiencing technodifficulties with Plinky.com. You can find my friend at weescoops.wordpress.com. She has a wonderful blog full of beautiful poetry, book reviews and musings. Her question was about gifts and the thought behind the gift and which one meant the most. I took that question and went with it in a slightly different direction. I have always preferred giving presents over receiving them and one of the favorite presents that I have given someone was the time that my hubby and I presented my mother with a silk scarf that I had picked out at the Chanel boutique for Mother’s Day one year. It made such a strong impression on me because my track record for my mother’s gifts and their success was pretty poor. My mother has very nice taste and for some reason I always fell short of the desired effect until this scarf. This scarf was a very bold choice, strong colors and I was quite nervous while she was opening the package, her eyes lit up at the sight of the colors, quality of the silk and handiwork that one can always appreciate with Chanel. I was so much happier after she opened her present that I didn’t even register what I had received that day.