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Today the four of us had a lovely Sunday all together. My hubby came up with the excellent idea of all of us getting into the car to take a drive out to Northampton, a nice university town full of good restaurants and nice shops. Earlier that morning we had seen a piece of news reporting on one of the top chefs of sushi in New York and that was enough to set us on the path to choosing sushi for lunch and at Northampton there several fine sushi restaurants to pick from. My baby girl and I had gone to a nice Japanese/Chinese place called The Teapot and we suggested that we all go together today. The decor is very nice and simple and the cuisine is very, very good whether you choose Chines or Japanese.

We chose Japanese so that meant rolls, all different types of rolls, some simple, but most of them just a little bit fancy such as the dinosaur roll with shrimp tempura, avocado, eel and salmon and there was the volcano roll with avocado, caviar, tuna and salmon. The thing that all of these rolls have in common is the sushi rice and the toasted nori, these two components form the base and everything else is used to build the roll. We also had miso soup and salads on the table. My three special loved ones, each of them have congestion and miso soup has such restorative powers in its broth, seaweed, fish oils and tofu, so I was very happy to see them eating up their soups like the good sensible patients they are. Miso soup, it’s good for you.

Right now, we are all watching the movie “Lawless” together, an excellent movie about prohibition though it is quite brutal, but that is what prohibition was back then, an era of lawlessness, all centered around the illegal sale of alcohol. A good Sunday.