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As I said, today there are some slim pickings in the prompt department on either of the websites; Plinky or the Daily Post at WordPress. I am still having issues with Plink, I e-mailed them about my dilemma, but I was still planning to respond to their prompt over at WordPress. I was disappointed to see that today’s prompt was a repeat, “What would you un-invent?”, I have already answered this question several times in its different forms; the cell phone. Over at WordPress, I think that the DailyPost had either “describe your most special meal in exquisite detail” and I know that I have done this one more than once, or write about your VIP person and I have already done that as well. So I got nothing, well not really nothing. I suppose that I could come up with something else besides the weather today.

Spring forward! Today we woke up to one more hour of sunshine since last night we turned the clocks ahead. What a difference an hour makes in your outlook. It is 6:30 in the evening and it is still light out,


See what a difference an hour makes. It already feels that much closer to spring. I am not talking about the weather, I am talking about seasonal moods and how daylight can lift a mood like nothing else can. Hooray for longer days and shorter nights!