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We went to see the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. We both felt that it did the Disney brand justice and we both enjoyed it. As I have warned all of you, I am not a good movie reviewer simply because I like all movies and as you have guessed I liked most everything about Oz. But what really stood out for me was something entirely different this time around.

What really appealed to me, as I was watching the entire movie, was the scenery and the background of the surrounding landscape no matter where we were in the movie. Kansas or what we came to think of Kansas was a totally entire entity that had its own character whereas the land of Oz announced itself in such a vibrant manner. The land of Oz dizzied the senses especially visually; the colors so bright, so strongly painted on Oz’s canvas, so real. The flowers were jumping out, big and majestic, characters themselves in the land of Oz. The rivers and the waterfalls had the same power, a force of life that went beyond anything that we had seen previously in Kansas.

That was my strongest impression, the land of Oz; a perfect setting for everyone’s story and Kansas, everyone’s common reality. Whoever came up with the storyboards and put this in motion should be remembered at Oscar time.