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I am so frustrated. I have tried to log into my Plinky account since yesterday and the Plinky people keep telling me that they are unable to log me in. Are the Chinese hacking into my Plinky account? Do they think that I hold the state secrets? If not the Chinese then what other hacking group? Did I tick off Anonymous? I am just joking of course but it is so weird. I have been faithfully visiting and answering the Plinky site and it saddens me that they are having issues because their prompts have offered me so many great ideas for writing, small things but fun things. I can’t wait until they get their stuff back on track for themselves and for me.

If I am “right” and that the Chinese did hack my account, you are monitoring the wrong person, I promise you . All I got going is food, Jack (the cutest Jack Russell in the world), my babies and other inoffensive stuff. You guys needn’t worry or bother with my writing, Chinese hackers, give me back my Plinky.

If it is Anonymous, I’m not a republican or a wealthy banker. I’m one of the 99%, the average Laurie who is trying to write about her daily journey through life. May I please have my Plinky back? Can you tell that we in the U.S have been listening to a lot of hacker threats done against us from the media and our government. They are blaming the Chinese. So there you are. This ramble is in fun and in play, I’m fairly sure that I haven’t been hacked. I’m far too boring to be hacked.