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Today my exercise class was cancelled because we had another snow storm. We got a solid eight inches during last night, what is weird is that tomorrow will be warm, about 45 degrees fahrenheit. The issue now with the snow isn’t really the shoveling, it is where to put snow. The driveway is getting narrower each time it snows, making it a little problematic when you share a driveway with your next door neighbor. I took pictures of the snow, not just to show how much we got from the storm, but also because the snow had a blue tinge to it, as if the water was really trying to show itself. The snow was heavy and it started melting just this afternoon, so the blue reflection within the snow made me think that the water was trying to show itself to me.





I hope that winter will soon be done, didn’t anyone tell Mother Nature that the groundhog decided that Spring was coming? I really think that these two should communicate better. When the groundhog says Spring is coming, I think that Mother Nature should accommodate him and us as well.