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My blogging mentor and friend Tilly from The laughing housewife posted such a funny joke today. She posts jokes everyday which I am in awe of because you really have to do your homework to find a fresh joke every single day. Today’s joke at thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/joke-714/ describes the trial and tribulations of AAADD or Age activate attention deficit disorder. I forwarded it to my mother and my sister. My sister called me but never mentioned the joke, she had bigger things on her mind, such as my niece home sick from school with a head cold. That kind of childhood illness is the roughest on the parent. Why you ask? Because a head cold is never severe enough to make the child want to spend the day in bed sleeping, they are too ill to go to school but not ill enough to not be easily bored in no time. My poor sister, my poor niece of course, she is miserable, but nevertheless I have more sympathy and empathy for my sister.

Now, my mother read the forwarded joke and boy did she get a kick out of it. She felt that at last she found the correct diagnosis for her own daily happenings at home. Since I found the joke so relatable, I knew that my mother would definitely find a commonality with it. There are days where I am exhausted without a single thing accomplished besides a lot of coming and going for no purpose to show for it. It feels good to laugh at one’s self. I excel at it. Hee, hee.

So after my mother and I had our laughs, my mother started talking about a potential trip that she wanted to plan for the future. She has for her bucket list, dreams of a trip down to the Amazon Basin visiting Brazil, Chile, Argentina and perhaps Peru. As we were talking about the logistics, we were encountering all sorts of memory lapses; we couldn’t remember the capital of Brazil or even the famous city where the beautiful people hang out. It was so sad. In our defense it was late in the afternoon, when our brains aren’t very fresh, so our geography was in fact very hazy. After I got off the phone, I went on Bing to see the map of South America to refresh my memory and I couldn’t believe that I had a memory blank on Rio de Janeiro and Brazelio, the capital. My mother remembered the city of Buenos Aires for Argentina which she was happy about, sad isn’t it? When we are happy to remember just one city in a country. Tilly’s joke was so apropos for our conversation today.