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One of the members of the Blandford Historical Society asked me if I would be interested in leading a French club at the Blandford library. She is a very active member in our community, she is Blandford’s local reporter for the Country Journal, she is President of the Blandford White Church Steering Committee, she is also on the Board of Directors of the Historical Society. Moreover she is one of the Massachusetts Library Commissioners, so as you can see, even in retirement, she is one busy lady. She made me tired just describing all of her duties.

Anyway, she would like me to lead the group since I have all of the “expertise”. I am partially looking forward to this and partially dreading it. I do have hermit-like tendencies which I know isn’t a very good quality to have. I am very happy being alone and I do usually need to be strong armed into social gatherings. Once I am there then I am fine; it is the getting there that gives me trouble. I really don’t know why I balk so much at getting out to socialize because intellectually I know that I will talk and laugh but getting there feels like such a battle in my head. There are times that I dread the whole process of deciding what to wear and then wearing it and then going. It’s like the skiing thing, I easily convince myself that it’s too tiring, too much work and just too much. I am going to go ahead and lead the French group and try not to talk myself out of anything. I should embrace people and socializing, a little can go a long way. It will be good for me, right?