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My hubby, the baby boy and I went to go see Jack the Giant Slayer today. The baby girl stayed at her college this weekend; having fun and what not with her roommate and her friends. The three of us went to Arby’s; my dining choice pre-movie. The baby boy enjoys Arby’s just like my hubby and I, when the baby girl comes with us to the movies we go elsewhere because she doesn’t like Arby’s, I don’t get that but I suppose it’s not a bad thing, it forces us to deviate and switch it up a bit, with sushi and green tea, a much healthier alternative to curly fries and an obnoxiously large chocolate shake.

The writers who brought Jack the Giant Slayer to the big screen brought their imaginations is full use and we very much appreciated it. The story and legend kept us interested and entertained. The actor who plays Jack has been in several movies; the latest was Warm Bodies he was the romantic lead, if you could call a zombie who regains his heart through the love of a girl, a romantic lead. His approach to the zombie role is similar to the one that he gives Jack the farm boy; sure and steady, courageous and noble. A wonderful character actor plays the King of Cloister, Ian McBride, his character of King is a good one, a true leader of his people. We find a lovely princess amongst the cast of characters, a perfect companion for Jack. There is of course a villain and it’s not just the giants. The action within the movie had me moving and jumping; at one point when there were horses galloping away from danger, being ridden by our heroes, I was bouncing up and down in my seat trying to spur the horses faster and faster.

My hubby, the baby boy and I really enjoyed the movie. I saw that there were a few negative reviews and I said as much to my hubby before we set out for the movie. His response was exactly what I thought it would be, “since when do we listen to reviews when it comes to these kinds of movies?” So off we went and had ourselves a great time.