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Happy March first everyone. Spring is on its way! During weight class, Marge, one of the ladies, mentioned that next weekend our clocks spring forward. The ladies were also talking about their crocuses popping up and the daffodil shoots emerging near their houses, well protected from the snow. I mentioned the month coming in like a lamb and exiting like a lion or something to that effect and this upcoming week it appears that March is starting out in a lamb-like state. I could live with that.

In my own garden, by virtue of being on top of the hill and having one of the last yards that sheds the last of the winter snows, I usually have to wait until April to see any spring bulbs. If I need a spring fix, I have to go visit other yards to see crocuses and daffodil shoots. I don’t mind because April is just a short jump, hop, skip away and we have emerged over the hump of winter. It’s not all clear sailing to warmer weather just yet, being in Blandford you never know, but at least the light at the end of the cold tunnel is very visible from here. Hooray!