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Today is February 28th and as I was walking my mile route, it hit me; tomorrow is March 1st. Where did February go? I feel as if time went on a speed race and neglected to tell me. How rude! Now if this was thirty years ago when I was in high school, I’d be happy that time was speeding fast but nowadays I don’t mind taking my time to smell the roses or say like today, the foggy mist.

We, in Blandford, have had solid fog for three days; the fog has been keeping the temperatures in the upper thirties which is really nice and it looks very romantic in a Wuthering Heights type of setting. I can imagine Heathcliff moping around our Historical Society.

But back to where February went to; in the pro column, Spring is getting closer, the days are getting longer and warmer. In the con column, time is too precious to be squandered or unappreciated. I think that the week that our relatives came to visit is the culprit in this time warp situation. During the entire week, I was concentrated on go, go and the next meal, the next activity and the next day so I wasn’t taking the time to focus on the present and seriously being in the moment. I should remember not to do that in the future so that time doesn’t get away from me. It’s funny many people hate being bored and hate waiting around with time crawling by, but the alternative isn’t any better, speeding towards the end of our journey. We should maybe think of meandering through our journey of life and not speed through like a race. Once you get to the finish line, your race is over and I would really prefer to meander and stave off the finish line for as long as possible.