Describe in great detail, your ultimate escape plan.

The escape plan isn't really my forte. The implication, it seems to me, is that first you are somewhere that you are escaping from and I am always at home so that would have to mean that my home is under assault. That, then leads me to the question of where would I escape to? My hubby is a great one with these logistical dilemmas. He was an Eagle scout and probably one of the best ones at that. He is also one of the most prepared individuals that you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. I, myself, much prefer the idea of hiding. I have always been very good at hiding and not being found. Patience has always been a virtue of mine and I have always been able to out wait my opponents in hide and seek and ring-a-lario ( a two team version of hide and seek).

My hubby has his escape bag that he brings with him at all times; filled with all of the necessities such as a poncho, matches, toiletries, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, hidden cash, passport. I never travel like that, but since we would be together, I wouldn't have to worry. The thing is that since we already live in a place that most people would be traveling to in any kind of catastrophe; like the ones that you see in the movies; I really don't see where we would be escaping to; we live in the mountains in a town not on the map so we are pretty safe here. I'll take my chances with hiding since that used to be my forte.

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