If you could visit any city in the world, which city would you pick and why?

I would visit Istanbul, Turkey. The reason would be to redress a regret that I have had since that time that I had an opportunity to go see Turkey while on my backpacking trip and turning it down to go back to France instead. It was during the final leg of our trip and my sister and I were tired and weary of sleeping on floors and lumpy mattresses, so France was very appealing at that moment; family and friends were beckoning. However there was that small part of my brain that was longing to go off with our new Canadian friends to explore Turkey, unfortunately my little sister wasn't sharing any of that curiosity.

The first place that I would visit in Istanbul would be the Haggia Sophia, originally it was the largest cathedral and then it became a mosque and now it is a museum. It is unbelievably beautiful and I would love to spend a few days absorbing its peacefulness and majesty. Istanbul is also the crossroads between East and West and the cuisine must be magnificent. That alone would keep me occupied for more than a few days; there must be so many delicious things to try for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am making myself hungry. One of these days I will visit Istanbul with my hubby and I am sure that I won't be disappointed.

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