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All of our guests are gone and today being Monday, it has been the start of a restful and normal week. Jack and I are back to being alone though my baby boy joined us for a spell. The baby boy and I love playing around with Jack; he is such a good little boy.

This morning I was so wiped that I couldn’t even get out of bed to send my hubby off to work. Jack and I didn’t greet the world until 9:45 and we have both been in slow motion ever since; there hasn’t been any improvement on the speed of our movements as the day waned. It must be a delayed reaction to the skiing and the schlepping. I went for my mile walk today twice; I hadn’t done them at all last week since we were busy with our guests, and I felt it. I was surprised that I felt the absence of exercise, it was only one week, but I felt it nevertheless. As I was walking, all I had going through my mind was “oh my lordy what is wrong with me” I felt that I was dragging and the feeling hasn’t left.

I think that Jack and I need at least another day of recuperation and then we should be as good as new.