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Today was day two of skiing and even though I walk every day at least two miles a day, that wasn’t sufficient enough to prep the weird grouping of muscles that are engaged during downhill skiing. On second thought it wasn’t really the downhill skiing that put my muscles through a workout; it was the pulling of the little ones around the ski area by my poles; me, straining to pull their weight as they held onto my pole with their hands while I walked with my skis in a crisscross pattern from the beginner’s lift to the tow rope for the little ones.

When my hubby and I were skiing, just the two of us, we were both going very fast and there, at those moments, I felt my muscles straining with the speed. It was a good feeling; my eyes were streaming with tears from the wind and I could hear my skis carving the turns against the snow. I could feel my muscles reacting to the commands that my brain was sending them, shift my weight from the right to the left and then back again as I cut my path down the slope.

The conditions were even better today than they were yesterday; the wind went away and the temperature was 37 Fahrenheit. The lines were non-existant; we would come speeding down to the lift and slam on our brakes and slide right to the lift, ready for another pass down the trail. The kids and my sister were even happier with skiing today than they were yesterday; no one was cold, no one fell and everyone felt really good about their progress on skis.