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One house guest gone and another one to come tomorrow. This afternoon when we got back from dropping cousin Nancy off at the ferry, we went food shopping and when we got back home, I went to work preparing the pastry dough for the chocolate croissants and the pain au raisins for our new house guests; my little sister and my niece and nephew. While I let the dough rise, I prepared what I consider to be my comfort food; sautéed zucchini, onions, garlic, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. There is something about the medley of vegetables melting into the tomato sauce, spiked with the parmesan cheese that makes me feel good and warm all over on the inside




My sister is coming to go skiing at the ski area right by our house and my hubby and I are going to join her and her babies. I am making the breakfast pastries so that we have something yummy, flaky and different for the early morning before heading out to the ski slopes. When we went food shopping, we picked up pork center cut chops and a few other ingredients to make a Thai pork with peanut sauce in my slow cooker so that it’s ready for when we get back from a day of skiing. There is nothing better than having something ready and waiting for you when you are tired and cold from being outside all day.

I’m looking forward to having my new house guests and I’m glad that I made my comfort food because I never mind sharing if anyone else has a hankering for zucchini.