You have all the resources you need to build your ideal home. Tell us about it.

Since I already have the necessary resources, thanks to Plinky, I would try to build the most energy efficient, green and sustainable home possible. The total square footage would be fairly conservative to keep heating and cooling energy demands low. I would try to use as many energy alternatives possible such as solar panels, geothermal heating and wind energy. I would use recycled insulation throughout the house. I love stone, so a stone house well insulated from the inside would be my preference. I think that I would use bamboo for all of my wood flooring and furniture since bamboo is one of the most replenish-able wood sources around.

In terms of plumbing, I am not entirely sure what avenues to explore to extend the same philosophy of sustainable, recyclable mediums to use, but I know that I would love to have heated recycled tile floors in the bathrooms. The same research would have to be done for the kitchen in terms of the oven, the stove top and the counter tops. Would granite or marble be in keeping with the sustainable theme? How about limestone or other stone for the counters? which would be better, electric or gas ovens?

I think that these questions are definitely worthwhile exploring because the less energy wasted, the greater the energy left in the world where it belongs.

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