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This weekend was a movie weekend. Today we saw Beautiful Creatures and I really, really enjoyed it. First and foremost the love story between the two young people was infinitely better, more compelling and much healthier than what was offered in Twilight. The young mortal named Ethan was charming, charismatic, a ray of sunshine and the heroine, on the edge of young womanhood, was appropriately soulful, angst-ridden, passionate and torn. Their love gave you hope for beauty and happiness despite the conflicts and obstacles.

The actors were a treat; Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossun and the great Jeremy Irons. His voice and his presence has always made me swoon. I was lucky enough to see him on the London stage in a Shakespearean production of Richard II and he was magnificent. I could watch him in anything; lately he has me mesmerized as the Pope and the daddy of the Borgias. He is an amazing actor and as the Patriarch of the family in the movie Beautiful Creatures, he brings the perfect amount authority, guidance and need to control the actions of those around him all for the good of the family. Emma Thompson, you could tell, was having a lot of fun in her role as the counterpoint to Jeremy Irons and everyone who plays off these two; shines because of them and with them.

I know that I give thumbs up to almost every movie that I see; I love movies, what can I tell you. I enjoy leaving my reality for two hours or so and hitching a ride somewhere else. It feels good and I think that it is good for the mind and the soul. I’m not sure which movie is next, but you’ll be the next to find out.