Beach or forest? Which do you prefer? Why?

I was going to say, spontaneously, that I prefer the beach, hands down, over the forest and then I realized that it wasn't entirely true. My favorite beach in the world is called Le Truc Vert on the Atlantic Ocean in France and it is bordered by an immense pine forest which serves as the parking lot. You drive down the small road and pull into the parking lot in the midst of all these towering pine trees and the floor is carpeted with pine needles and pine cones. You walk across the road and walk up the small hill of sand, the path is laid down with wooden pallets, and when you get to the top of the hill you have the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean greeting you and if you take a deep breath, you can smell the combination of sharp pine, salty air and clean sand, plus the indescribable smell of sun. Life doesn't get better or more beautiful than that.; such a glorious picture and a wonderful experience.

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