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Today my hubby and I went to go see Bruce Willis, in his best known character role of his career, at the movies. The media is making a big deal that it has been twenty-five years since the first Die Hard and I would appreciate it if they would stop speaking of it. I don’t need to remember that it has already been a quarter of a century since I first saw Bruce Willis as John McClain. My hubby and I really enjoyed the movie, as you may suspect, it had all of the necessary ingredients to keep us riveted to the screen; the wry sense of humor, car chases, explosions, high action impact, more wry humor and the requisite yippee Kai yay m.f. as only John McClain aka Bruce Willis can utter. The actor who played his son “Jack” John Jr. did a very good job with his role being the angry young adult son of a father who worked more than he parented. He was very believable, he was also extremely believable as an action hero. I told my hubby that when the young McClain walked, you really got that he was a man of action just by his walk. My hubby said “yes, just like I walk, like a superhero” I said “exactly, my husband” The young man walked with true purpose and focus, you believed that he was going to get the job done.

We also went to Arby’s beforehand for lunch and I did my arteries a big disservice. I ate a small roast beef sandwich, a large order of curly fries and a 30 oz chocolate shake. Hopefully all the oatmeal that I eat during the week will help flush all of the saturated fats and gunk out of my arteries and if not then the miles that I walk will hopefully force flush all the bad stuff out. I won’t worry about it, it tasted really good going down and since I don’t eat like this everyday, an indulgence every now and again isn’t the end of the world.

Today was a very fine day, a movie and Arby’s with my hubby, just the two of us.