Write about the experience that got you into writing.

It wasn't an experience that actually got me into writing. I had tried a few times to engage in journal writing and I couldn't summon the discipline to maintain the daily ritual of writing down my thoughts and feelings. Moreover, after being told by a few people that I should write a book about my experiences based on the various stories that I would tell people, I had tried twice but after reading what I had written, I quickly abandoned those attempts due to what I felt was horrible writing.

What made this relationship with WordPress and Plinky completely different is that I began my journey into writing based on questions; simple questions generated by the prompters at WordPress and Plinky, thereby giving me something to respond to and write about. I must say an excellent way to coax the most reluctant writer into spilling their thoughts and feelings onto the screen. The second phenomena that occurred was the reaction and engagement that I experienced through my answers, people out there had positive responses and reactions to what I was writing. Talk about a Pavlovian response. After a year of writing in response to a prompt; the following year left me without that safety net of a prompt, so I was forced to generate my own posts, which took me awhile to adapt to but I now have gotten a little better at it. All in all I am so happy to be writing everyday, it is a discipline that I find to be very fulfilling and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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