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This Friday morning we had lively discussions during weight class. The ladies were talking a great deal about the Pope’s resignation. No one was critical of the Pope, on the contrary they were very supportive of the Pope’s decision and they admired him for his self-awareness and his selflessness. All of the ladies in the group go to Church faithfully and are very active in the Church’s social calendar. So I can, with confidence, state that my dear ladies thought about the Pope’s decision and its ramifications very seriously and thoughtfully.

After the ladies had exhausted the subject of the Papacy, they moved on the Meals On Wheels and how prolific it had become, how much better quality the meals are now over fifteen years ago and all the good that the program brings to its patrons. Everyone in our group has family around them, so I am pretty sure that they will all be well taken care of later on down the road and probably won’t be dependent on the elderly program of Meals On Wheels which, sadly for many elderly, is the only source of a hot meal and some company during the day.

After that, the ladies moved right along to the latest deaths that had been in the obituary’s that past week. The one that had the most impact was the suicide of a successful businessman who ran the Pomeroy farm and maple syrup/general store and breakfast restaurant. His death was a shock to all of the ladies and they spent the last part of the class talking about the funeral, the family taking over the running of the business, the fact that there wasn’t a will.

I kept quiet, content to listen to everyone’s viewpoint and opinion. My exercise class for me is relaxing and serves as nice social hour. I love my ladies.