Who do you love the most in this world? Why?

This is a silly question. We are all capable of different types of love so to quantify it, is to simplify love and love is too big to quantify or simplify. My hubby is the one that I love the most in terms of the romantic and life sharing type of love. He is my partner in every sense of the word. More importantly he is my Valentine. 🙂

My children are without question the recipients of the unconditional love that only a mother can give and my love for my sister and my mother are strong in the fact that we share an ancestry, genetic bond and a foundation that comes with being family.

And then there is Jack, our little Jack Russell, who is beloved by all of us; myself, my hubby and the babies. We are gaga over him. He is cute, affectionate and very funny.

Today is a good day to be in touch with your loving side and to take many moments to share your love with those around you.

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