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Last night our President gave his State of the Union as mandated by our constitution. It was hopeful and uplifting in terms of the progress that we have made since the 2007 Great Recession. He laid out a progressive plan for the congress; the pundits have taken to calling it a “laundry list” of measures that the congress should work on making a reality. There was a call for gun control, environmental action and a commitment to educational reform. There was much more but my brain has since fogged over.

What struck me the most was the loyal applause from all the democrats and the stony silences of the republicans. It was sort of depressing because by their stony silence, the republicans let it be known that they will not do anything to help our country to govern itself. It makes me sad and weary; there are so many potentially great things that can be done, but when you have a House that is stubborn in its desire to obstruct everything that the President and his party are striving to do, everyone loses. We, the nation, lose in the fact that nothing gets done and we simply drift forward on the waves of slow economic progression, but essentially rudderless and without purpose.

I don’t know how this will ever change, it seems action is determinate on blind ideology instead of fact based thinking with an ideological blush in the background. When the facts don’t support your ideological bent than it is time to rethink your ideology, not bend the facts to suit your ideology, which is precisely what the republicans are doing these days.

Today I am not even cautiously optimistic, which is not the usual mood for me, perhaps I am a little tired but all this politicking makes me apprehensive for our future. I need to watch some escapist t.v. That will brighten my outlook. πŸ™‚