Think of your favourite book or film. If you could change the ending in any way, what would you change? If not, why is it perfect?

I remember watching Gone with the Wind when I was growing up with my little sister and I don't know about her, but I always wanted Rhett to not say "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". I think that Margaret Mitchell's ending had been universally accepted as not perfect, because a sequel came out of due to the reader's frustrations.(I wasn't the only one who wanted Scarlet with Rhett.) The sequel gave us Rhett and Scarlet, reunited at last, which is precisely what I had always wanted and I didn't mind the story. I suppose that the only way to give Rhett and Scarlet a fair chance at love ,for a second time, was to give them a different venue, in order to give Scarlett a chance to grow as a person, she was clearly too scarred by the horrors of the civil war. It is difficult to reconcile the trauma of witnessing horrific killings alongside a love story.

The clear issue with the grand book Gone With The Wind was that Margaret Mitchell developed a character, Scarlett, that was too big for one story. That was why her ending wasn't perfect and therefore the need for a long awaited sequel. One that I know wasn't well received, not in the way that the original story had been received. I however was happy in so far that Rhett and Scarlet were together at long last.

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