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We got about two feet, it’s hard to tell with the wind out there blowing the snow this way and that. We have a snowblower but I don’t like to use it because it vibrates too much for my hands. I prefer moving snow the old fashioned way, with a shovel. It takes longer, but I like the cardio workout and the muscle strengthening of picking up shovel loads of snow. Bend from the knees, so not to strain your back and use your core muscles too, also not strain the back. I was sweating, because the snowdrift that I was working on was a good four feet in height, so I know that I got some very good exercise today.

My hubby took the pictures to document just how much snow we got last night. When the snow is brand new, everything looks so clean and beautiful. I have to admit that it took a while before it felt as if I had made a dent in the snow. Luckily the cold temperatures had made the snow light and fluffy, easy to shovel, as opposed to what they had gotten down South in Connecticut and New York. I definitely would not want to be shoveling down there because they got hit with wet, heavy snow; the worst type of snow to clear away, no matter what you choose to use, the shovel or the snow blower.

That’s my story regarding the Storm Nemo; some good cardio exercise done and now lounging in front of the t.v with a roaring fire and writing about it. Not bad for a Saturday in February.