Think of three important years in your life — not including the year you were born. Why are these 3 separate years so important? What happened, and where were you?

The three years that were very important in my life were 1990, the year I was married, 1991, the year I gave birth to my son and 1994, the year I gave birth to my daughter.

The year that I was married changed my life because that year was when I agreed to share the rest of my life with one other person, my husband. That is a most significant life changing step because you are no longer allowed to live your life solely on your own terms, you have someone else to think about and consider, if you want your marriage to succeed that is, it is a daily commitment, make no mistake about it.

The same is to be said about parenthood. The day that you decide to bring a child into this world, your freedom as you knew is gone forever. It isn't only in terms of your physical freedom, the ability to get up and go whenever you want, but also your emotional freedom, your heart is forever altered by the existence of that little person that is your child. They have your heart on a chain and the chain is forged of the strongest thing in the universe and you can't escape it. At least that is how it feels to me.

Three years that made a difference, there have been others, but these three years and the events that defined those years have also defined me as a person and that is what makes them so significant.

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