Blogging is about expressing, sharing, connecting…and what else is blogging to you?

Blogging for me is primarily a way of expelling all the excess energy, thought patterns and whatever else occupies my brain so that I sleep better at night. Growing up I had never written in a journal or diary, I kept everything internalized and I used to suffer from stomach aches and fitful nights. It had never occurred to me to start writing, I always thought that if someone was going to write, it was because they either had an inner calling or some talent that demanded to be expressed. I never felt either of those urges so I went about my life.

The day before I started blogging, December 30th, I still hadn't given thought to writing everyday. I can't pinpoint what compelled me to register with WordPress that day, December 31st, but I haven't looked back. Writing has become a lifeline of serenity inducing and anti- anxiety therapy.

When I started blogging I didn't even think of sharing or connecting because I didn't think that anyone would bother looking at what I wrote or would be interested in what I had to say. The unimaginable surprise and joy from the initial response was heady and intoxicating and I quickly became hooked on the feedback and the gradual friendships that have developed along the way. Now that I have discovered the joy of blogging and of belonging to a special community of fellow bloggers, you can't stop me from blogging.

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