Write about a time you acted first and thought later, giving into your impulses.

I would say that our little Jack, the cutest Jack Russell in the world, was an impulse purchase and upon reflection later on, he was the best impulse that I ever had. I found him on the Internet while clicking through puppy pictures right after we had lost our second dog in two weeks due to cancer. We were devastated ourselves and the sight of seeing Rex, our remaining dog depressed beyond belief, lying underneath the table and not acting normally, was what pushed me to give into the impulse of getting the cutest little baby Jack Russell, all from a picture on the Internet.

Jack was a gift from the universe. He has enriched our lives immeasurably. We have gotten as much, if not more love from Jack, than we could have ever hoped for. He makes us laugh, he is a wonderful companion and he saved us again from heartbreak when Rex left us due to bone cancer. Without Jack, we would have been inconsolable because Rex was such an important part of our family. Jack kept our grief manageable, we owe him a lot.

All it took was that special look in his eyes that made me fall in love with his little face. His eyes haven't changed with age, they still have that soulful puppy look about them.

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