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This winter has been a long one, I’m sure, for my outdoor/indoor plants. As I was thinking about what to write about, my gaze fell on a gift that I received after Christmas and that reminded me that I hadn’t looked at my hibiscus and bougainvillea in a few days, which in turn led me to go upstairs to make sure that my Mandeville vine and the impatiens were alright. Upstairs, everyone was happy and I am not complaining but I am surprised that the Mandeville vine looks the same now as it did this summer outside and on the same note, the impatiens aren’t looking too shabby either.

My bougainvillea, on the other hand, is looking very sad; even its offshoots are looking tired and droopy. I gave it a good watering so I hope that by tomorrow, the bougainvillea will get a little pick me up. I would hate to lose it after these four years of caring for it and keeping it alive during these harsh winter months. My hibiscus are doing better than usual, they haven’t shed as many leaves and they were both blooming late into autumn. I don’t know if I am doing something different this year that I didn’t do last winter, which is a little frustrating because I would love to replicate the results for next winter.

Speaking of my gift, tomorrow I will be planting my paper white daffodils in its indoor container. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get around it. I love planting but somehow it got away from me. Tomorrow will no longer be the case, by this time tomorrow I will have the bulbs planted and according to the box, in six to eight weeks I will be the proud owner of paper white daffodil blooms.