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Tonight is the one night of the year that my hubby and I watch football. We actually enjoy watching it together, just the two of us. It never gets crazy or loud. I don’t ask questions because I understand football. I grew up playing touch football with the guys on my block when I was little, being the only girl of the same age as the guys, I was often drafted. I am pretty sure that I enjoy the Superbowl so much because it’s only once a year. If I had to watch football every weekend, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t like it as much. Playing sports, I find, is much more satisfying when being played rather than being watched on t.v. Anyway, not only does the Superbowl give you great football but it also gives you great commercials. Tonight is when you see the genius of Madison Avenue (where all the advertising firms are located in New York City). Can you believe that a 30 second commercial costs between 2 and 3 million dollars? That is why we are seeing Madison Avenue’s A game.

One interesting first in Superbowl history is that the competing coaches are brothers. I would and would not want to be their mommy tonight. As their mommy, I would be so proud of both of my sons and I would also be watching the game feeling so much stress for both teams. Who do you root for, both of course but each son must want their mommy on their side. Poor mommy.

I made pizza for us; fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and prosciutto with a whole wheat thin crust. Tonight will be a good night.