Write a post entirely avoiding or only using well-worn phrases and cliches.

I do not do well under pressure because just by virtue of being asked to write using only well known phrases, all of them flew out of my head. I have noticed that any nuggets of wit that may emerge from my head absolutely needs to be spontaneous or else I choke and come up empty-handed.

Sadly I have to recognize that I am not a creative person. I know that I have an imagination but it is more of a passive imagination, always ready to join the ride or the journey of someone else's creative process and that's okay. I love books, I love movies and t.v and I love music. I'm glad to be the audience.

I am trying to complete my own journey through my own creative process and I have written about my struggles. It is almost finished, my little attempt at historical fiction. Creativity is a lot of work and I admire the writers, performers of all genres.

I don't think that I used any cliches and I know that I am not one. Can you believe that some people actually use that as a put down. I took the easier way out because trying to come up with something created with well-worn phrases and having it flow at the same time would be really hard.

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