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As I said, I get a tickle out of Twitter. I don’t really understand Twitter or why it is so popular and that is precisely why it tickles me whenever Twitter alerts me that I have a new follower. Not understanding a social media platform and still getting followers is something that strikes me as funny. Here I am posting away, minding my own business and some nice person looking through the Twittersphere picks up on my Tweet, I guess, and must say “this tweet looks interesting, I think that I will follow this person”. The whole thing tickles me. I get alerts from Twitter when they think that there is a person who I might be interested in following and as of now I am following 30 people. They are involved in progressive journalism, food politics, environmental activism and my alma mater New York University. I may be a follower of certain Twitter people but I don’t look at their tweets all day long, that is the part that I don’t understand. Do all these Twitter people spend their time reading tweets all day long? Either way, all this is interesting and I am learning which I do like to do. You may be wondering how I got into Twitter if I don’t get it, the way I got into Twitter is through some sage advice.

My dear friend Tilly Bud TheLaughingHousewife recently advised me to register with Twitter and to publicize both my blogs through Twitter. She has wonderful tips and advice for amateur bloggers so I pay attention. Registering on Twitter is so easy; just as easy as registering onto WordPress so boom, I entered the Twittersphere. This is probably around two months ago and so far I have five followers; two of them count but not really, because one is my hubby and the other is my other friend Jackie at Getreadingnow.org so they follow me because they know me. The other three, got me all excited, because these three Twitter people randomly found me through something I wrote; one of them is a Web Designer, the other is the alumni group at N.Y.U and the other is an activist film production company. It makes me happy to think that more people out there are reading my thoughts and opinions and are interested enough to want to read more, very exciting.