Which New Year's resolution haven't you kept? Why? How will you redouble your efforts to achieve your goal?

Enough with the New Year's resolutions. Plinky is becoming a nag, this is their second or third prompt about resolutions. We get the hint, perhaps it's reverse psychology on the prompters part; they haven't kept true to their resolutions so they are nagging the rest of us about ours. I am being cranky I know; probably because my resolution, finishing my novel, is not an easy task.

I have been working on my book, reading on the history of New York City during prohibition. I don't mind talking about my progress regarding my novel; I have written about the difficulties I have with writing fiction; I can write about my daily life and my political views without breaking a sweat but for some reason when I have to put my characters' inner emotions, anxieties and dreams onto paper, it feels as if I am pulling the words out of my head like my dentist pulling my wisdom tooth from my mandible. On the other hand whenever my character is eating or talking about future eating prospects, the scribe can't stop writing. Love food. I am whittling away at my book, it will get finished. I promised myself that I will do this and it will be done. It just feels like such an exposure of my inner person and I don't know why. Nevertheless I will persevere.

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