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I spend each and every morning reading my political journals and environmental newsletters to make sure that I am in the loop. There are days that make me very anxious for our children’s future and then there are days, such as today, that I think that there is hope for us yet. My hubby came home today, he surprised me with Chinese food, he got me Moo Shoo pork, my favorite, and after we had dinner, my hubby put on David Letterman. Former Vice-President Al Gore was his guest and to hear Al Gore knowledgeably challenge all the common misconceptions that David Letterman was lobbing at him was a gift. It’s so nice to be properly entertained, given hopeful information and realize that not all is lost when the excellent David letterman applies his power for good.

Al Gore and David Letterman spent their whole interview period speaking to the evils of fracking, oil and gas exploitation and the benefits of solar, wind, the new generation of batteries, geothermal energy and other alternative sources. It was a breath of fresh air to hear studied discussion between two civic minded gentlemen. It made me so happy and hopeful to think that the size of David Letterman’s audience could have an impact in changing perceptions and attitudes. Each person’s actions can make a difference. We could if we all applied ourselves do something meaningful for our global environment.