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You receive a call from someone you don’t expect. Who is it, and what is the conversation about?

The one person this question brings to mind would be my father. It will be 10 years this February 25 that my father was killed and if the phone rang and his voice was on the other end, it would definitely be an unexpected yet welcome phone call.

My father comes to mind because he, unlike me, loved the phone. When he would be at home in the morning, he would take a break from his morning chores and start dialing, I would usually be the first call on his list and he and I would talk about everything under the sun and he called everyday. He especially loved to hear about the latest antics that either the baby boy or the baby girl would be pulling off. We talked endlessly about food, recipes and future concoctions. Politics was probably our favorite subject because politics encompasses everything; sociology, psychology, economics and history. We would spend at least an hour every day talking. It took me a long time to wean myself away from the huge void left in my life and my heart when my father was taken from me.

I can now honestly say that whenever I think of him and it is all the time, the sides of my eyes crinkle upwards, because it's a memory of someone that I loved unconditionally and I keep that alive in my heart. I think that it's true what they say about love, since it's energy, it can never die. I am grateful for that.

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