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It’s this time again, as it happens every week, Sunday evening, the bittersweet ending of another nice weekend. My hubby and I love Sunday evenings because it always means very good t.v that we enjoy watching together, but we dislike Sunday evenings just as strongly because it means that we are going to be apart for the rest of the week. Actually for the past month, my hubby has been great about coming home during the week so that it breaks our separation up quite nicely; just two nights apart instead of the full four nights.

Our marriage has operated this way for a very long time; the babies and I home in the mountains and my hubby on the road either in New York or in Boston. Back then when they were little, I was too busy with the babies to really miss my hubby. But now, that it is only Jack and I, I find myself missing my hubby much more which I think is something to be appreciated because it would be horrible if I didn’t miss him. I read the women’s magazines every once in a while and those true stories where after twenty years of marriage and children gone from the roost, you see the wife get up one morning and decide that she is done. I’m happy that I am not in that group. I am not criticizing those ladies, if anyone isn’t happy in their marriage it is up to them to do what is right for themselves, however I am very thankful that I love my hubby and will be in love with him for the rest of my life and our marriage.