A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. How do you feel?

Change, I think, makes everyone a little sad especially when it touches a part of our childhood past, that for some reason, many of us would like for it to remain sacrosanct. I remember when, as I got older and my Ton-ton would take away the swing set and renovate the old cellar, a part of me would mourn all the memories and the adventures that my cousin, my sister and I had shared together in all those spots. Memories are easier to keep living when you have concrete things and places to adorn them with; when you are left only the mental images they start to get wispy and ephemeral; hard to keep as vividly as before. That is the real issue, keeping something of our young self alive because time is going by so quickly and who wants to forget their youth? I don't, those memories are wonderful ones when we were in search of adventure in the old cellar or swinging away as high as we could without being afraid of breaking something because the floor wasn't that far away, the way it is now. And as always, it was a simpler time when we were younger and having our "monuments" torn down makes us miss those "simpler" times.

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