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I have to say that I know that I sing my hubby’s praises quite often, I can’t help it, he is my hubby after all, if I didn’t do it then who would, it is my job.
But in this instance I can objectively say, and my late father was my witness; my hubby is the king of chili. I’ll never forget the first time that my hubby made his chili for myself and my family, my father really, that was the approval that my hubby was seeking; we weren’t married yet so he was intent on impressing his future father-in-law and boy oh boy did he impress my father! I’ll never forget my father’s reaction to his first bowl of my hubby’s chili for as long as I live, it is set in stone and I’m grateful for it. It was early in the morning and my father and I were in his restaurant, the Bistro Bordeaux on eighth avenue in New York City, my father was in his chef’s coat setting up with his crew for the lunch crowd and I was in the dining room setting up the tables on my end and my hubby walked in with a bowl of his beautiful chili which he presented to my father for his tasting. My father put his nose to the bowl, his eyebrows went up and he fetched a spoon and without bothering to warm it up, started eating it without a word until the bowl was clean. My father put his hand on my future husband’s shoulder and said that was excellent, the best chili that I had ever had in my life. Since that day, my hubby has never made a less than delicious pot of chili; he has the gift, the feeling for his chili that is remarkable. We are going to eat like kings this week!