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Good afternoon everyone, I feel much better today and my headache has gone away finally.

My darling hubby had me order a fresh duck liver from Hudson Valley Duck Farms. They are the most reputable duck farm around, their ducks are treated humanely; I might add much more humanely than most chickens, so I feel good about ordering from them. What I am going to do with the fresh duck liver is to transform it into a simple terrine. I know that I did it once before, but I wasn’t ecstatic about it and it wasn’t the duck’s fault, it was mine. I don’t actually remember what I did wrong, but I am guessing that I might have tried to go too fancy. This time, the terrine is going to be simple and elegant. The fresh lobes of duck liver, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and good quality Sauternes, full-bodied sweet white wine marinated overnight and then put into a ceramic terrine and slowly cooked in a very low oven and then pressed down with a weight for a few hours and finally re-covered in its own excess fat. I hope that it comes out okay. When it’ done I will take pictures but in the meantime here is a picture of one of my cookbooks; this one is specifically only for Foie Gras.


Here is an instructional video, I know that it’s in French but I love the sound of his voice; it’s soothing and patient. I could listen to him for much longer.


will play?