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Are all of you like me and forget that various body parts exists? I go through days, weeks and even months not even acknowledging my brain works in real time; aside from the fact that it is in constant use, not that I am consciously in tune with the fact that my brain is in constant motion; that is until the day comes that my brain starts to hurt. As soon as the brain starts hurting, that is when I am very cognizant of the fact that I have indeed a brain really attached to my body and pain receptors and that my brain is most definitely miserable. This headache has been plaguing me for two days and I finally broke down and took two ibuprofen but to no avail, this headache is nasty. I’m still able to read and write but in very small doses and I am operating on serious slow motion; any sudden movements starts the pain to lance in my head and that is most definitely not wanted. I wonder if this is in relation to the insane cold spell we are going through? It has been around zero degrees outside for two solid days; trust me in that I am counting the days to Monday when the temperatures will at last come back up to 30!

Another instance where I take a body part for granted is when I abuse my feet until the day I get a blister or I sprain one of them. I have sprained each one of my feet on different occasions several times and you forget how completely vital your feet are to independence until they are rendered useless for a relatively short time. I have bony knees and I have spent days crawling on my hands and knees around the house due to a sprained foot and boy did my knees pay the price. I am so uncoordinated that I was a hazard to myself using crutches, so it made my life safer crawling.

I am reading this as I type and I apologize if it seems disjointed; my brain is disjointed, but I think that overall I made my point. I shouldn’t take anything in my body for granted, I must respect my body parts and treat them with kindness because when they are unhappy, I am unhappy.