Write a 500-word prequel to the story of your life.

My parents were living in Bordeaux where both sides of my family is from, my father was born in Talence Bordeaux and my mother was born in Begles, Bordeaux. My father's parents and his aunt and uncle had emigrated to New York, New York in the mid fifties. He had gone with them then because he had to, he was fourteen when they packed up and moved to the States to join his aunt and uncle who had already arrived. However my father had initially disliked it as a teenager and when he was eighteen he moved back to France to serve in the military, a requirement for all eighteen year olds and after his time was up he started a business with a colleague of his and produced antique reproductions.

He then met my mother who was working somewhere in an office at a mutual friend's party. The courtship started, my mother played hard to get; she was shy and my father had a reputation as a fun loving, charming player so my mother kept her heart close while my father wined and dined her. She required much wooing, I think a solid year or more perhaps. In the end my father's eternal optimism, his easy laughter, his easy going personality won her over and they married. They were married for two years, living it up as young newly weds and then the my mother became pregnant with me. My father's business had encountered a few set backs and he became curious with the Untied States all over again. My mother who had only visited once before to meet my grandparents and my great aunt and great uncle was curious as well. They were both young and the United States was the place to go when you were young and ambitious. So over they came and out I popped. A brand new citizen of my parent's new country.

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