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Have you ever received a present, say a new pot or pan, and you opened it on Christmas Day but you kept it off to the side because it was so shiny, so clean and so new, that you didn’t want to use it; it was just too beautiful. That is how I treated my Christmas slow cooker present. Today is January 20th, almost a full month since Christmas and I have finally broken down and baptized my slow cooker with a dry rubbed pork shoulder. As I am writing this, it is still running on low with another hour or so until the pork is finished. It smells nice in the kitchen but I am dying to see how the pork turns out. I have made pulled pork often in the oven using an ordinary roasting pan so it will be interesting to see how it turns out this time. The only modification that I made with the slow cooker is that I put the pork shoulder on a bed of sliced onions and garlic with a cup of chicken broth. I venture to think that the sauce will be quite flavorful after it is all said and done. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂