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Today my hubby got a new toy. I really like it when he gets any new kind of toy because he, like me, reverts to being a child with excitement. I’m not saying that he jumps up and down clapping his hands together in delight, that would be me. I mean that his eyes, very blue, light up and they hold that joyful glimmer that you see in young men when they have something exciting to try out for the first time.

Today my hubby picked out something shiny and sleek, elegant in its carriage, powerful yet quiet, deceptive in its speed. German in origin with a history and a reputation as well as four wheels, the toy made my hubby’s eyes crinkle with pleasure and excitement. My hubby and I took the toy for a spin and it felt as if we were traveling in a spacious bubble, separate from everyone on the road, gliding past them insouciant, without a care in the world.

The new toy has a name, the AMG E350, courtesy of Mercedes Benz. I’m happy that my hubby found the car that he really wanted because it is his mode of transportation for work so it is only right that he be excited about it. We needed to get rid of our older vehicle anyway so everything worked out for the best. My hubby will leave our newer car at home and he will take his car at work. Every one is happy. Hooray!