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Today was bitterly cold for poor Jack and I. I promise you that our walks were unenjoyable to say the very least; the high today was a mere 21 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill factor of I don’t know how much lower. The only thing that can get the chill out of your bones is hot and hearty soup and if not soup, than perhaps some slow cooked pork roast.

So that is what prompted me to take pictures of this weekend’s ingredients. These vegetables will be transformed into various hot and delicious dishes. The butternut squash will become roasted butternut squash soup with sage and roasted garlic, the broccoli will be blanched and then sautéed with garlic,that is the plan for the vegetables. The accompanying members of the meal, the meat and fish will be transformed as follows; the pork shoulder will become slow roasted pulled pork and the flounder filets will be sautéed and sprinkled with lemon. All this will transpire during the course of this weekend. Just the smells emanating from the oven and the kitchen, I think will be enough to warm our cold bones. I hope that what the smell and anticipation does for me, it does the same for Jack. He isn’t allowed table food but he is allowed to smell what is cooking and I hope that in some small way the smells makes him feel all warm and happy.